Friday, 19 October 2012


You want to cut down on the hassle of printing each picture you have taken using your digital camera and going around and about showing it to everybody you would want to acknowledge it, and that is why you went online and searched for the best and most non-controversial photo hosting website to enable accessibility and expediency. But just what is this service all about?

Photo Hosting, also known as photo sharing, is done with the publication of uploaded personal pictures transferred from a digital multimedia for sharing with others, either privately or publicly. This service is pretty similar to image hosting with the differences relying on the method of sharing and the interface each of their websites. While image hosting sites carry the interface for easy sharing through forums and web pages by linking it, photo sharing mostly present the pictures like a blog, with tags and captions and different view tabs, just as seen in Flickr. Nevertheless, these are minor and thus making their functionalities just as the same with one another. These types of online services can also be applauded because of their mentality that printing would be time consuming and would cost the same if the user were to do it on their own or if they paid for online photo developing and delivery. Aside from this, there are several options as well whether you would want your photos to be printed on mugs, shirts and even bags.

Photo hosting sites are also known for the way the pictures are arranged and filled to the choice of the account holder. Galleries or albums are made to help the user have an easier time in finding the picture from thousands of uploaded ones, if the case fits. Patronizing the site is as easy as 1-2-3, especially since all the instructions are displayed immediately for easy access and having a user-friendly interface increases the stability of each user. Many social networks have adopted hosting photos onto their environment as a tool to back-up the idea of socializing with others. Although the quirks are dissimilar, photo sharing on these kinds of websites are on a much friendlier scale because you can be assured of your own actions and can remember to click on the correct settings.

As with anything that has to do with sharing fragments of you (your personal photos) onto a network where a million things could happen, there are many issues and concerns regarding the use of these photo sharing websites. Fraud and scandals can just as easily be done. Plagiarism and copyright infringements are not too far away when it comes to those people who use your photos for their use on projects, books, researches and reports. There is really nothing one can do because as part of the photo sharing industry, you submit to the consent that your photos are public property despite its privacy settings as owner.

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